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Gunsmithing Service

Cleland Gunsmithing and Engineering offer a full range of gunsmithing services using modern gunsmithing equipment, expertise and know how to deliver the best quality service and workmanship gauranteed.
bullet Full gunsmithing & engineering service.
bullet Custom built rifles to order for Hunting, Varmint, Target shooting.
bullet Full Range of Target and Hunting Optics.
bullet Rebarelling a speciality with quality MAB, Shilen and Douglas barrels.
bullet Shotgun Repairs and Modifications.
bullet Wide range of chamber reamers.
bullet Barrel threading.
bullet Suppressor Fitting.
bullet Barrel Crowning .
bullet Ackley Mods to Chambers.
bullet Making and fitting Muzzle Breaks.
bullet Recoil Pad Fitting.
bullet Modifying Shotgun Chokes.
bullet Making hard to get old parts.







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